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Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Two days at the village Thangsou

We were riding with our bicycles on the Shingo La trekking path before. Tashi, who helped us caring our luggage with his horses, invited us to stay at his village for a day. He wanted to see his family again, and also had to deliver the goods, he has on his horses. We had no hurry, so we stayed there for two days.

In the first evening, the village gathered to drink tea, eat some sweets and to do some dancing.
The older Ladies dressed up for this occasion.

The children don't always stay and sleep at the house of their parents, but hang around at houses of relatives and do a lot of sleepovers.
On the next morning, we accepted the offer of visiting the school.
The school is a government school, which cooperates with a NGO. Hence the building is decent, and there are some additional teachers. The school supplies are also donated by this NGO.
The pupils were all doing some English exercises at this time, and shamelessly copied the work of the guy with the blue cap.
This was our room at the house of Tashi. He and his family slept in the other room during our stay.
In the evening, I did a short bike trip around the village. This is what the village looks like at this time of the day:

Here is the location:

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