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Montag, 10. September 2012

Not a good time for a broken derailleur!

Pretty nice place to spent the night, isn't it?
This place is located in northern India, at the beginning of the Spiti Valley, so fairly in the middle of the Himalayas. The altitude is about 4300 meter.

I couldn't enjoy it so much, because I was busy:
A chainsuck twisted the derailleur into the spokes, and made me curse for while

So what to do? Could be worse, one of the few cars on this road is a daily bus, but bike touring trip would be over. So I decided trying to fix it, though I didn't  believed in it.

Let's do it:

Making the surface rough, using sandpaper and a pocket knife:

This was the best I could do:

Applying two components glue and fiberglass.

First time, I actually did this.

Those fibers were sticking everywhere.

Finally the second layer is finished

The finished work:

And on my bike:

Time to move on and enjoy this fantastic area. 

 Against my expectations, the derailleur lasted the whole remaining trip (5 days), and is still intact.

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  1. Fantastic! Great repair and thanks for documenting the technique. I love fiberglass and bikes too: