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Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Passing Mount Gumburanjon and reaching the base of Shingo La


Today we leave the remote village Thangsou and will make our way to the base of the Shingo La mountain pass. At first we used the remarkable bridge to cross the river to get on the main trail.

Some Kilometers after the last village, the mountain Gumburanjon starts dominating the field of view in front of us.
 This the height difference of this mountain from base to top is over 2600ft (800m). It is also considered as a holy mountain amongst locals.
 Before we reach the base, there is another obstacle. It is afternoon now, and we have to cross a stream with the maximum water level. I give it a try without luggage to see if a crossing is possible. I struggle a lot while crossing the river twice so that a crossing with our bicycles would be pretty dangerous. If you slip in that stream, you would be dragged with the water immediately.

But we got lucky. On the other side are some shepherds who help us out with a wooden plank.

Crossing the stream on the wet plank was still terrifying, but we made it.
The trail gets pretty bad now, but the camp is close.

A lot of pushing pulling and lifting of the bike is required now. Next time I do something like that, I will do some muscle training before.
This is the so called "base camp". In the background, you can see the trail leading towards Shingo La.

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