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Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Fantastic Valleys, appreciating Kashmiri Culture

Cycling in India 2012

From Srinagar to Pensi La - Day 2 & 3

We spent half of the day to reach Kargil, the second largest town in Kashmir. The route leads through a valley only some kilometers away the cease fire line to Pakistan. A decade ago, this route was closed to foreigners.

Nice to know, but next time also put up a sign on the beginning of the danger area! The danger are rockfalls btw. .

In Kargil we had lunch, and for me it was not such a good idea. Indian portions are always large, most of the time more than you can eat. Since this was my first real lunch during a bike ride, my stomach felt awful.

Kashmir culture

After Kargil, we took the smaller road to Padum.  This road is a few hundred kilometers long and a dead end. Our plans were to push the bikes over the 5000m mountain-pass Shingo La, to reach the Manali-Leh highway.
Since there is only a horse-path over Shingo La , we knew it was going to be tough.
That day, I felt like I could not do that, the height combined with the recurring sickness made me weak and slow.

On the next day I was able to ride with normal speed.

Kashmir culture

You often get to chat with locals in India. Unlike in other Asian countries, English is widely spread in India. For me, it is the main reason, why traveling in India so easy.

Fresh Asphalt for a few kilometers

Kashmir culture
Two 7000m Peaks
Buildings and culture are still Kashmerian like
 Many people freaked out when we were riding through their villages. Some of the children were begging for money. I wonder how they learned the strategy of asking for a specific amount of cash.

This time it was difficult to find a camping place, since our side of the valley was very steep for some kilometers. Every plain spot was used as farmland. We finally agreed to give to farmers 25 cent to camp on an unfinished field platform.

Alpenglow in the evening

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