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Samstag, 22. September 2012

Approaching Pensi La and getting sick

From Srinagar to Pensi La - Day 4 & 5

I started feeling sick and weak in the morning, but decided to go on. 
After passing a village, we got warned by a local of a construction side above the road. For 10 kilometers, we could see several groups of workers drilling a water supply line into the rocks above us. They were causing occasional rockfall onto the street. 
On the street, there were women signaling the workers with a red flag to stop for us. One time the workers didn't see the signal, and nevertheless we were waved through.

In the afternoon the valley got wider and the landscape scenic. 

Pensi la bicycle

It looks like fun riding here, but the road is so bad, that the ride needs to focus. We also were not used to the high altitude of nearly 4000 meters, which ruined the fun a bit.
You really need to stop and take rests to enjoy the landscape here.

Pensi la bicycle

Pensi la bicycle
I never got so close to a glacier before
Pensi la bicycle
Edelweiss is growing everywhere. The flower originates from Asia
 Pensi la bicycle
Some Indian motorcyclists stopped, and chatted with us a while. They were from southern India and shipped their bikes to Delhi from where they started their trip. Some of them were riding the popular model Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Despite the vintage look, these cycles are still in production.
Pensi la bicycle
In the evening we just left the road and cycled a bit into the meadows for camping.

The next day was rainy, so we stayed in the tents. During the day I got fever and slept a lot. Fever in combination with high altitude is not fun. I was so weak, that even getting water from the nearby river was a challenge.
I decided to hitchhike to Padum, the next town, to recover.
Pensi La, a 4400 meter mountain pass was on the route of the next day, and I really felt unable to ride it.

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  1. So coole Landschaft! Und oh Mann, da hatte es dich ja ganz schön erwischt ...