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Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Many means of transporting my bike

I will continue my Ladakh journal soon. In the meantime, I decided to show some of the many means of transport I used with my bicycle.

The first picture shows some guys who picked me up in the Kazakh steppe when there was some strong headwind. In their village, the driver invited me for lunch.

Also in Kazakhstan, this Kamaz truck driver gave me and 80 kilometer lift to Oskemen.
 These guys had the idea to carry my bike up to the plateau in the background. (also Kazakhstan)
 This is me in India on the first day and about to enter the sleeping bus for the next 12 hours.

 From the bus, we hired a this SUV to take us to Srinagar. With such a strong vehicle, it was a nerve wracking 8 hour ride into Kashmir. When another vehicle nearly hit us, the driver went out of the car and punched the other driver into the face.

Another bus ride to Zoji La, Kashmir. The first time, I crawled up on a bus top. Link to the blog post
 When I got sick in Ladakh on 4000m altitude I decided to hitchhike, and had an amazing experience. Link to the blog post.
 That was the most luxury bus, I've taken in India. This picture was taken on the 5300m Pass Taglang La, which I already passed by bicycle a week ago.
 It is always good to have a rope with you, while riding busses in India.
 I was just to lazy to determine my position in Delhi, so I took this cap to find an accommodation.
 This was on my first longer bicycle trip in Russia. I took the train from Moscow to Vladivostok.
This is the sleeping room on the ferry from Russia to Japan. My bike is detached in the bag on the table.

 In Japan, a gardener offered me a ride to escape the strong rain in the mountains.

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