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Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

No more luggage, more fun on the trails to Shingo La

The second day of the Shingo La trekking path.
 Link to the first part of the longest singletrail

The night before we decided, that we would look for a horseman to carry some of our stuff over the pass. The trail is so steep and rocky, that we had to separate our gear from the bikes to be able to make it. There no chance to push a bicycle with 15-20kg of stuff up the hill, when your shoes don't have enough grip on the gravel trail.

After two exhausting hours we reached the first house. It turned out to be a teahouse and a guy there agreed to help us to finding a horse. He would charge us now, and wait with our luggage until a free horseman comes by. The price was reasonable for us I don't remember exactly, but I think it was 10 Euro a day.
A horseman with a free horse appeared before we even left. We were invited to stay at the village of the man at the teahouse, which was 20 kilometers away. After the torture last day and this morning, we appreciated a shorter stage.

What followed was a relaxed day of riding our magnificent lighter bikes on nice trails. There was also a lot of pushing necessary though, but it was not that bad anymore.
Though the trail followed the river, it had a lot of climbs. There is also a lot of traffic, since there are quite some villages on its way.

It was quite difficult to get down there. I was very cautious not to have any crashes, because you don't want to walk or ride back for some days with an injury. 

Finally,we arrived at the designated village. 

Except for the kids, everybody was still out at work.

 Our luggage was already there, but Tashi, our horseman was gone. We knew, that he had to lead the horses far away from the village. The horsemen would get trouble from the villagers, if their horses eat the local grass. 

While we waited for the man from the teahouse, his children played with us. Our bikes got the most attention. 

Finally our host arrived and lead us to his apartment. You have to go to the stalls, climb into the second floor and over a wooden plank crawl into the next building. Inside, it was very comfortable, and we were served delicious food.

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