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Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

The best camping places on my India Trip

Camping in India is not always straight forward, but in Jammu-Kashmir (Ladakh) there were some great spots.

This was my favorite, though I spent one day here resting with fever and cough. The place is between Kargil and Padum.

Thats the base camp for the Shingo La, a 5000 trekking mountain pass.

I camped on the rivers in the valley, but was too exhausted to go up again to make a picture.
The altitude is 4650 meters, amazing isn't it?

The derailleur of my bicycle broke in the evening before, so I couldn't enjoy the place so much.

The first night we camped. At the beginning of an journey, you want to rather camp private, so that one was perfect.

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